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  • Limango, the leading shopping platform for families in Germany with over 8 million members, continues to expand its marketplace.
  • More than 300 partners are already benefiting from Limango’s special offer model and, for the past two and a half years, from the newly established open shop. A fully automated connection via GoJungo was recently added.
  • GoJungo is a young start-up company in the marketplace business. GoJungo brings brands quickly and easily to national and international marketplaces such as otto, amazon and now also

“E-Commerce is our passion. We have made it our business to make the complex and time-consuming tasks of a marketplace connection much easier. We offer an innovative platform for an easy entry into the marketplace business”, says Mathias Diestelmann, Managing Director at GoJungo. Stephan Sommerlik, COO at GoJungo continues: “Selling on marketplaces has never been easier. GoJungo takes care of all the associated tasks, such as content creation, fulfilment, B2C logistics, platform marketing, billing and performance monitoring – in other words, an all-round carefree package for successful sales on various platforms from a single source.
“We are pleased to have added a very special marketplace to our portfolio with limango and to enable our brands to access the target group family. In addition to the shop, the special offer shop, which we can use fully automatically, can be a central addition to the online strategy for brands. Successful sales promotions and stock sales in a short time are the core DNA of limango,” Diestelmann continues.

Martin Oppenrieder, co-founder and managing director at limango, explains what advantage limango has as an additional sales platform: “No other platform in Germany stands for the target group as we do. Every 5th family in Germany has already shopped with us. If a partner wants to reach the target group family with his articles – then limango should be the first choice for a connection”.
Lennard Kressin, responsible department head for the marketplace area at limango, explains the added value that the cooperation with GoJungo offers: “IT know-how is the most important prerequisite for a functioning integration and scaling on marketplaces. In addition, for smooth processes in end customer dispatch right through to returns handling, processes are required that many brands have not yet established. If brands then still have to struggle with different content requirements of the marketplaces, some prefer to give up directly. GoJungo offers a great service here as an all-round carefree provider that enables brands to enter the marketplace business. We are pleased to have GoJungo as another full-service provider in our portfolio and thus to be able to offer new brands fully automated access to limango.


Stephan Sommerlik

Geschäftsführer / Co-CEO